Take the charge with your soldiers.

Always willing and able to attack, defend and even lay down their lives for the cause. These patriotic fighters can hold down an area to protect your position or call in a quick transport to cover greater distance and take the fight to the enemy.


Strike from a distance with the Sniper.

If it's moving stealthy, in secret to gain positional advantage or taking on the enemy over great distances, the sniper is equipped and ready for action. Camouflage gets these assassins into the fight unnoticed and away from danger without a trace. With aerial jamming to boot they have time to line up the shot, perfectly.


Make an impact with the Grenador.

This insane unit has destruction in mind. With, graceful, tactical manoeuvres and powerful attacks, he gets into the fight with his trusty jet-pack and stuns his foes before eviscerating them.


Lead from the front or support from the back, the Commander is your man.

Lay the enemy bare with the Commanders powerful EMP or lend impregnable defence  to nearby allies. The Commander is a deceptive strategist with many tricks up his sleeve.


The classical soldier.

With classical training this unit adds a solid foundation to the front line with some modern moves to outwit the enemy.