Nuke Air

You can't run...or hide.

 Able to cover massive distances, strike multiple enemies and render the area of attack permanently inaccessible, this is the ultimate destructive weapon.

Nuke Ground

Ground and pound!

Wiping the enemy off the face of the battleground is an easy task with weaponry like the ground nuke. With a scalable range that provides different damage profiles and self destructive meltdowns that render vast areas permanently inaccessible, this drone unit is rightfully feared!

Ion Canon

Precise obliteration.

Slow in movement but steady in aim. Sporting a long range precision barrel and magnetically propelled plasma projectiles, damage is set to maximum. The magnetic propulsion system can be repurposed as an EMP to disarm enemy defences and the energy module overload packs a short range nuclear punch that decimates the surrounding area.

Nuclear Mine

Hidden death.

This is a mine...with a twist! With an extended range and the ultimate destructive payload, this mine can blast specific targets within range and cause extensive radioactive damage following the initial blast.