Homing beacon

Static aerial defence.

Take care in placing these useful beacons in defensive positions. They are great as an aerial deterrence but have no attacking abilities. Defending them against ground attacks will relieve your other aerial defence systems and give them the freedom to charge the front line.

Nuclear Mine

Hidden death.

This is a mine...with a twist! With an extended range and the ultimate destructive payload, this mine can blast specific targets within range and cause extensive radioactive damage following the initial blast.

Fragile Object

Temporary cover.

These objects are sometimes dotted across the battlefield, lending cover in some instances and blocking your path in others. Removing them could leave weaknesses in your defence or open the enemy up for an easy attacking opportunity.


The void.

This digitally constructed battleground is rife with holes. Literally mirrored in the environment. These chasms cannot be crossed by any form reflected on the battlefield, limiting your range, but creating exciting strategic opportunities.