Punch through defences with the Tank.

This metallic beast throws it's weight around on the battlefield. Blasting your enemy with high precision long distance shots or having the gunner mow down close range enemies, this unit makes for a formidable opponent.


Get your men into the fight with the APC.

This manoeuvrable unit is the infantry's ticket to the battlefield. Not only does it get a soldier to the battlefield, but it effectively dominates close range gorilla-war tactics, with swift attacks followed by a hasty retreat to a safe distance


The effective solution to PEAU(Pesky Enemy Aerial Units).

The Samsite is all about protecting your troops from aerial attack. And by dropping the beacon to create an anti-air safe zone, it only increases it's effectiveness. But, don't be fooled. It's low altitude missiles hit hard when in range!


Access denied!

 It is easy to underestimate the defensive value of a wall. BUT, the enemy will certainly underestimate the tactical abilities of a moving wall. This wall moving mammoth is the ultimate deterrent to ground based enemies.

Missile air

Everything is on the menu.

with impressive range and awesome punching power, the Missile unit brings a sense of impending doom to the enemy. Capable of defending nearby units against air defences bolstering the drive forward and laying to waste multiple enemies in a single shot, the Missile unit is a forced not easily reckoned with.


Leading the charge into battle.

Charge the front lines with the General's impressive range and mobility. This unit operates effectively in open war and close combat. With enemies left stunned in fear after seeing their comrades destroyed, the General inspires his men to finish the job.